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Industrial Centrifuge
Industrial Centrifuge offered by our company are designed and developed as per the industrial standards by using best in class materials and electrical drives. These units allow you to separate the fluid and particles from a large mixture with the help of large centrifugal force.
Laundry Equipment
Our company deals in the supplying and exporting of various types of highly efficient Laundry Equipment which includes steam boilers, hydro extractor, washer extractor, bucket trolley and other at a reasonable price range with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Decanter Centrifuges
Decanter Centrifuges are useful for separation of solid from single or double phase based liquid by using centrifugal force that has high gravity level. Available in different models, offered range of centrifuges is well known for its low operating cost, user friendly mechanism and prolonged working life.
Vacuum Impregnation Systems

Vacuum impregnation systems have vital role in effective sealing of porous texture of cast metal objects to avoid leakage of gas and fluid. The process of vacuum impregnation is effective in sealing of macro and micro pores of cast metal.

STP ETP Plant Equipments

STP ETP Plant Equipments have significant role in trapping suspended solid content of effluent water. Available in different models, this array of equipments are effective in minimizing BOD and COP level of waste water. User friendly mechanism and long working life are some of their key aspects.

Industrial Washing Machines
Our category of Industrial Washing Machines consists of different variants of high performance fabric cleaning chambers and dryers that are commonly used in laundries. Get these heavy duty machineries from us at a reasonable price range.
Textile Processing Machines
Buy from us premium grade Textile Processing Machines that are designed and developed by our skilled professionals by using best in class industrial materials and techniques. There are various different types of such machineries availed by us as per their area of use.
Direct Drive Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Direct drive water ring vacuum pumps are reckoned for their multipurpose roles. These pumping systems are required for distillation, filtration, polymer extrusion and also for degasification of personal care items and food products. Offered vacuum pumps are accessible in 1 hp and 2 hp motor capacity based choices.

Basket Centrifuge

Basket centrifuges are used as suitable oil extraction systems in food and beverage field.  Advanced mechanism of these centrifuges enables these to separate fluids from solid through filter cloth based mesh. Available in different design options, offered array of centrifuges can be availed at reasonable rate from us.


Direct Drive Oil Seal Vacuum Pump
The offered range of Direct Drive Oil Seal Vacuum Pump are high speed machines that can be used in various industrial applications such as packaging, degassing, drying and many more. These machines run on standardized alternating voltage with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz.
Commercial Laundry Equipment
Commercial Laundry Equipment designed and developed are commonly used in medium to large scale public laundries for the safe washing and drying of large number of clothes in lesser amount of time. Buy from us these machines as per your demands at a low price.
Lime Sludge Dryer For ETP

Lime Sludge Dryer is  used as suitable drying equipments for sludge materials discharged by ETP, pharmaceutical products manufacturing unit etc. Available in specific dewatering capacity based options, this diesel fueled sludge dryer supports tertiary treatment of waste water/effluent sludge. High output is one of its key aspects.

Tumbler Dryer
Tumbler Dryer are front loading types machineries that are especially designed for the quick drying of washed clothes. These electrical units are equipped with high performance contactless heating elements that are responsible for the efficient working of these machines.
Sludge Treatment Plant
A Sludge Treatment Plant efficiently manages sewage sludge through dewatering, thermal drying, and anaerobic digestion. Its specific features include volume reduction and biogas generation. Advantages encompass environmental sustainability, reduced waste volume, and energy recovery. Widely used in municipal wastewater treatment, industries, and agriculture, it stands as a versatile and eco-friendly solution.
Sludge Dewatering Machine
The Sludge Dewatering Machine efficiently removes water from sewage sludge, reducing volume and facilitating disposal. With features like high-capacity dewatering and low energy consumption, it ensures cost-effective sludge management. Widely used in wastewater treatment plants, it enhances operational efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and minimizes disposal costs.
Centrifuges Repairing Services
Centrifuges Repairing Services specialize in restoring centrifuge equipment to peak performance. Offering quick turnaround times and skilled technicians, they ensure minimal downtime. The advantages include cost-effectiveness, prolonging equipment lifespan, and maintaining optimal efficiency. These services find crucial application in industries reliant on centrifuge technology, ensuring continuous and reliable operations.
Industrial Solid Liquid Separation Centrifuges
Industrial Solid-Liquid Separation Centrifuges efficiently separate solids from liquids in diverse applications. With features like high-speed rotation and precise control, they ensure effective separation. Advantages include enhanced process efficiency, reduced waste, and minimal environmental impact. Widely used in industries such as wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, they play a pivotal role in maintaining product quality and environmental sustainability.